Good Morning... Today I want to talk with my paying fans, yesterday I posted a FAQ here for Newbies.
This week as always 6 New Photosets coming only for members of ACTIONGIRLS.COM and 1 new set of me. Everyday is work for us here promoting the site to NEWBIE fans and working on updates for current fans.
I heard some posts on the net that I was charging to much for my PRIVATE CLIPS here.
First of all I want all you ACTIONGIRLS members to know we work very hard for you and I will always be shooting new updates with photos and videos for members every week. Some content I'm shooting the more RAW type of content I'm keeping for PRIVATE SALE only on my clips store. The reason for this is too many fans signed up for $4.95 only than post all my content for FREE hurting our sales. We go after these sites daily who steal our photos and post them. Some content is given away by us for promotion. But never the whole sets or whole videos. My private clips have less exposure as many fans are afraid of the price or can't afford it. Understand those are for my special fans who really love me they have no problem in paying for them. Infact they only want to see me and wish I would shoot more for them. So to be able for me to do that for them I need to get paid more.
Many have asked will I SKYPE LIVE again. I may but not right now, I'd prefer you buy my Private clips instead.
For those of you who are members of ACTIONGIRLS.COM I will give you a 2 for 1 deal on my clips but I must have a receipt of your current membership you can either email your username as proof I will check to be sure your a current member or message me and add me on FB.
I have 10,000 candid photos I shot over the last 5 years that are not in the members area of ACTIONGIRLS.COM I will be adding those to my PRIVATE STORE shortly.
Again thank your for your support! Any of you who have atleast bought a $4.95 membership I give you a thank you to all. You are normal people and real fans so be proud of that. Many of those online all day have no jobs and have no idea how to attract or treat a beautiful woman and simply are rude and cheap or bums.
Understand that I spend alot of time blocking bums and rude people from my FB you wouldn't believe the amount of rude people on the net who are mad that I make a living doing modeling. It seems many are spoiled thinking girls post their photos only for attention. Of course that is the propaganda spread across the net to sell them to dating sites or click thru programs (paid per click advertising). Today because of the enormous amount of porn content for free guys think that they can now be hustlers and meet these girls. Most of those accounts out there are fake selling them to a click thru link that a person gets paid a penny a click promoting.
Actiongirls.com has been open since 2003. Since than we have sold 150,000 memberships and over 50,000 DVDS we have never put any kind of other advertising in our site. Once your a member you get what you see. Only my Private clips store is seperate as a additonal sale and our dvds.