Hello... everyday I will speak to you here. I just got home and am now looking at which sets will be updated for this friday for ACTIONGIRLS.COM members.
Q. How old r u?
A. 30
Q. What's your name
A. Armie Field, aka Armie JX aka Goddess Armie
Q. What your real name?
A. Armie is my real name.
Q. Whats your site?
A. No. But it has a FREE TOUR so you can see samples of what you get as member. I don't model for free or attention.
Q. I don't have a credit card.
A. You can signup via Western Union or snail mail or try the multiple options on join page. here
Q. What if I don't have a computer?
A. You can pay me a diffrent method either credit card or western union or amazon. I can send u pics by email or fb.
Q. How tall are you?
A. 5 feet
Q. What's your nationality?
A. Filipina
Q. How big are your tits?
A. 34 DDD I fit also in 38 DDD
Q. Are your tits real?
A. Real expensive, no they are 1300 CC saline
Q. What shoes size are you?
A. Size 5
Q. Do you meet your fans?
A. If I ever go to a event I would let you know. Although meeting with strange creeps is not my style. I'm not here to date. I am a model, I roleplay with my paying fans only. I do not accept any amount of payment to meet people.
Q. Are you a Mistress?
A. I am a Goddess adored for my beauty not a Mistress.
Q. What kind of music do you like?
A. All kinds, Metal to Pop I'm flexibile
Q. Why did you block me on FB?
A. I'm only here for my paying fans, I only chat with my paying fans. I only give my attention to my paying fans. If your rude or disrespectuful I will block you. Also if you have no job or anyway to support my work. You should'nt be wasting my time if your jobless you should be looking for a job instead.
Q. Are you all about money?
A. No, but my modeling is to make money. Of course I love it. I love what I do. I was born to do it. But just like any work that anyone does I want to be paid for it. Downloading my photos and videos for free does not help me. Sure it's a way to promote to get you here. But if your here reading this I think it's time you atleast signup to our site for $4.95 its not alot to ask.
Q. Are you all about business?
A. No. I love modeling, I love to give my attention to my paying fans they earned it. And I hope you will signup soon and see why 150,000 other people did.
Q. Are you the only model on the site?
A. There are 1000 models in members area. 4 New Actiongirls per week. Members access 2 million images, 10,000 zip files if you wish to download them. 2000 videos. with 7 new updates per week. SEE THE ACTIONGIRLS.COM FREE TOUR HERE
Q. But I just love you and want to see you.
A. Of course there are 25,000 Images of me in members area yes with nudes. And 26 HD videos of me to download. Only $4.95 to access for 3 days or $34.95 per month.
Q. When will you shoot again?
A. I shoot every week of every year for site I am the CO-Owner with Scotty JX.
Q. I want to shoot for the site.
A. You must be a girl send your photos to our email if you wish to be a Actiongirl
Q. What do I gain access to if I join your site on your FB secret group
A. Only my members gain my attention so u must have a current valid membership. Members that add me to FB will all be added to my FB secret group as bonus with PRIVATE candids not on site.
Q. Do you like Skype sex?
A. NO... I skyped LIVE in the past I may do it again but it will be very very expensive.
Q. Do you do porn?
A. No, and never will. I pose nude max, I'm a glamour model that means I draw the line at nudity.
Q. Are your lips real?
A. Yes. Only my boobs are implants.
Q. When is your birthday?
A. November 20th
Q. Where can I contact you?
A. All my social links are here
Q. I want you to ROLEPLAY with me how?
A. Signup to ACTIONGIRLS.COM first. Second email me proof of membership or contact me on FB via message and tell me your fetish.
Q. Why so serious? Let's have fun relax
A. If you pay for my time than yes. Understand I have paying fans that are in the front of the line before you. Become one and see how I treat them.
Q. Is my credit card data safe with your site?
A. Yes it is secure signups go through CCBILL which processes cards for 90% of all adult websites.
You must be 18 or older to view my site and become a member.