NEWBIE CHAT - What is a paysite? Why would I pay?
I am Co-owner of Actiongirls.com with Scotty JX.

What is Actiongirls.com?

I need to make this page for those of you who think there is no diffrence than getting free stuff on google and our paysite. It is true many paysites are not worth buying or signing up to. Actiongirls.com however is diffrent... creative and sexy and nude yes, but not porn. Most sites out there are plain porn with no flavor and are just looking for numbers driving as many people as they can to their site hoping you will pay. You would be a fool to pay for most of them.

We understand that you want something more for your money. That is why we worked so hard since 2003 getting you only the best of the best nude models to shoot for us and not just any girl who will pose nude, super babes, actiongirls. Our growing army of over 150,000 members have made it possible for us to shoot only the best of the best girls in stylized outfits and themes. We give you more than what other sites give you and we treat you special when you signup to our site. with Tanks, Guns, Flamethrowers, 1000's of leather costumes, 1000 of high heels, whips chains you name it we have it in our shoots, girls with big boobs, perfect bodies of all nationalties. Actiongirls is PURE sexy fun, with roleplay, and all sorts of themes. Actiongirls is a fetish of its own female power, beautiful atttractive powerful beauty with or without guns. Of course you access quantity as well, 2 million images, 10,000 zip downloads and 2000 hd videos but all exclusive only here and with flair, with style sexy eroticisim. Updated weekly.

We listen to our paying fans mails and questions when you become a member your becoming a part of a unstoppable force, building our empire and making it stronger. Your signup votes for us, we want you in our Army of supporters so join now today. Yes you can join for $4.95 but it is only 3 days if you cancel you will not pay more. Of course we made the site more than you can ever download and see in 3 days it would take a year, 10 hour days to download it all and it keeps growing.So we hope you will join for longer. Join Actiongirls.com here

I shoot every week for site as your Goddess, leader of all the Actiongirls. Over 25000 photos of me in members area with zip downloads and 26 hd videos of me and growing as I shoot every week for site. I am co-owner so I have a incentive to shoot every week.
ACTIONGIRLS.COM was built on story read more here