Hello and welcome to my latest interview page for 2014. I thought I would make this page for you members to catch you up on whats been going on with the site in the last 6 years. My last interview was in 2005 which has long been passed and I think it's time to catch you up on what been going on since 2003 since the site opened. My past interview in 2005 is here

Q. Whats new currently in 2014 for Actiongirls.com members

A. I'm very excited about what's going on this year. Because of me and Armie's 2 years of listening to members on our social networks we have been able to understand and modify our site and the future of it.

Here are some changes and new additions for members...

1. Goddess Armie aka Armie Field - shoot weekly for site since 2011 new videos of her in 2014 and new photosets every week only for ACTIONGIRLS.COM members. And ONLY for her die hard fans her Exclusive Actiongirls Clip Store here. Featuring private unedited content of her. 2 for 1 deal on any clips from Armie's Clip Store only if you are a member.

2. Actiongirls at HOME - I have been in contact with our stars of Actiongirls like Kristina Walker, Veronica Vanoza, Peaches and many more to shoot new pics for members at home which are now availble to members. I plan to continue to hire them to shoot from home and see if they will take part in talking with members more often. As well we have found many new superstar models to appear that may not have the time to shoot as they have busy squedules so now we took out the road blocks and have them shooting anywhere in the world from home or on travel. Saves the cost of airline tickets and cuts straight to what you want to see more of your favorites. With new stars at Actiongirls, Danika, Ashley, Nikki Jackson and many many more be sure to keep an eye on the Actiongirls Whats new page here to see our latest updates on the free tour of whats added for members.

3. I have shot so much new material on video with the stylized content you grew to love with Flamethrowers, Water sets and all the style like in the originol Actiongirls series edited now slower for you to enjoy. With Actiongirls Armie, Mosh, Princess Sara and many many more. I still have 80 unedited videos shot already for members with 1 new video addition per week with the style you love.

Q. What's the future of Actiongirls?

A. My goal is to get the girls to shoot from home take part in the site making it more social and alive feeling. To add on the Actiongirls Exclusive Private Clips store featuring many more models to keep updating every friday 6 new photosets and 1 new video every week for Actiongirls.com Members.

I also plan to go back to the originol premise with story and expand on it. Not only with videos but in the photosets themselves.

To have a mix of just hot girls nude, and creative style that I like to shoot. To go more along the lines of Fetish, Femdom, High Heels, Whips etc... Female Power. This is the future of Actiongirls to expand more into the fetish arena but more creative with style and new.

Q. What's been going on with the site in the past 3 years and before?

A. Actiongirls is always evolving, are number one concern has always been get you the hottest models in the world to pose for our site. in 2011 I met the love of my life Armie Field my fiance, together since we have been working hard to keep our members happy with new updates of her as well other well known and new models.

These days many of our new members want more interaction with the Actiongirls due to the growing popularity of the social networks. Armie will always be shooting new updates for the site and keeping you up to date on whats new and how the site is changing. read her page for up to date info on site

I started the site with a story a post apocolytic story in 2003 that launched the original DVD series. By volume 4 (2005) I worked hard to get some well known musical talent in the metal world to be a part of the creation. The videos went more into a music video style of approach still with Action theme but a little more theme than story. For story lovers I created and spent alot of my personal money of creating the Actiongirls Soldiers of the Dead Movie which is now on DVD here. Actiongirls was always about flavor so keep any eye weekly on the videos all shot by me.

I have read the comments and the reviews on the DVDs and I thank you for your input. Many have asked that I keep the videos more slower less editing. So we have heard your voice and while still keeping it creative many of the newer videos if not all of them in 2014 are all slower editing a bit with style still and flavor.

Q. So what's new on Actiongirls? Why rejoin?

A. in 2008 we organized the content under Heroes and Recruits. Heroes being are regular updated super stars of Actiongirls and Recruits which was girls that were knew that were shot by other photographers for the most part that have not yet been battle tested for rough and tough Actiongirls shoots.

Recently I made a move to combine the 2 catagories. And for the future I plan to expand catagories into niches like Actiongirls Busty stars, Actiongirls Femdom, Actiongirls Heels and so on... to put them in catagories that reflect what most of you fans have fetishes for.

Many of our classic Actiongirls have retired unfortunally so we have to always be on the cutting edge of finding you the best of best new girls.