Hello Happy Tuesday! We are working on new updates for you for this friday. I want to thank all of you who rejoined and bought my private clips here and to those who signed up to actiongirls.com again over the weekend. Without you we could not exist here. We work hard to make sure our members are treated well and we want your input email us anytime if you wish to give us input on what your would like to see.
We work so hard every week to give you only the best of the best girls for our site.
Today my fb got blocked from posting to groups I guess for over promoting the site. The social networks make it very hard for us to keep you updated on what we are doing on actiongirls.com I guess they don't like a strong independent force that is unstoppabe thank to our support from our paying fans. Make sure to bookmark my Goddess Armie speaks page so You will always have fresh link to speak to me at.
Here is a preview of what's coming for members today - New Actiongirl Michelle poster here
Actiongirl Danika photos coming this friday click here for sample.
Danika is also from Cebu we are getting new sets of her every week for members to stock pile a nice collection of her for you hope you enjoy them.
Actiongirls Ashley another model we are trying to feature as much as we can from Czech Republic here for her sample of what coming of her Friday only for actiongirls.com members
Cooking a nice steak dinner now hope you have a good week as well. Talk to you soon